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Berg Lyric Suite
Bach Brandenburg Concertos
Debussy L’Ares-Midi d’un Faune
Honegger Horace Victorieux
Ravel Ma Mère L’Oye
Stravinsky Les Noces


“We shall not reject the old rules of harmony and form; let us remember them constantly, whether to observe them, or to augment them, or to add to them some others still older (those of plainchant and Hindu rhythmics) or more recent (those suggested by Debussy and all contemporary music). One point will attract our attention at the outset : the charm of impossibilities. It is a glistening music we seek, giving to the aural sense voluptuously refined pleasures.”
Olivier Messiaen



“As for me, my grazed and blackened hands, manhandling a pickaxe, the flies, the unbelievably heavy weights – these all prevent me from getting very close to music. I try nevertheless to read a few orchestral scores (packed in my bag on top of my survival kit) when I have a free moment so as not to lose touch. I receive a letter from my wife almost every day which is a consolation beyond words for me. But I can’t watch my little boy grow up! A terrible sorrow. Pray for peace.”
Olivier Messiaen


“I don’t like being binary. I don’t like walking on two feet, in step, in rhythm.”
Olivier Messiaen



“our intention is to present a living music, having the impetus of sincerity, generosity and artistic conscientiousness”
Olivier Messiaen