“Whether one calls oneself conservative or revolutionary, whether one composes in a conventional or progressive manner, whether one tries to imitate old styles or is destined to express new ideas – one must be convinced of the infallibility of one’s own fantasy and one must believe in one’s own inspiration.”
Arnold Schoenberg


‘one thing must be clear to us, that rules of order prevail here, that we cannot conceive these laws differently from the laws we attribute to nature; natural law as related to the sense of hearing.’
Anton Webern


“Like all big cities it consisted of irregularity , change, sliding forward, not keeping in step, collisions of things and affairs, and fathomless points of silence in between, of paved ways and wilderness, of one great rhythmic throb and the perpetual discord and dislocation of all opposing rhythms, and as a whole resembles a seething, bubbling fluid in a vessel cosisteing of the solid material of buildings, laws, regulations, and historical traditions”
Robert Musil


“I think I have laid a good foundation for something (for orchestra). I have found a ‘row’ (that’s the twelve notes) that contains already in itself very extensive relationships (of the twelve notes amongst themselves). It is something similar to the famous old proverb: SATOR AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS”
Anton Webern



‘I only want to express, uninterruptedly through my whole life, that which inspires me. I don’t want anything else. And if I can’t do it, I become ill’
Anton Webern